Until you forget me

Until you forget me… Story donated to public to commemorate the decade of the tragic events that took place on 26.12.04 in the South-East Asia. Originally written in September 2013 by the Russian writer Elena Meysak and published in the compliation ‘Держись за жизнь, она коротка’. Translated into English by the author. Dates of all events […]

The last day

The last day The day was creeping to an end. Children were playing at the playground and their mothers laughingly nibbling sunflower seeds, gossiping about their husbands, who rested from the hard daily work by a small evening glass of vodka. The sun was guiltily lurking behind the horizon, shading pink patches of light on […]

A woollen curl

In loving memory of Thomas. Thank you for the entire 18 years of happiness together. A woollen curl … She was on the most beautiful beach of the coast; warm breeze was blowing from the side of the ocean, slowly driving the coastal waves on white sand. She was going to leave, but all of […]